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iTrail GPS Logger Magnetic Case E1060
Overview: This sturdy, weather resistant case is made especially for the iTrail GPS Logger (o.. Learn More
Super Ear SE-4000
Overview: The Super Ear is a complete personal sound amplifier system that can be used indoor.. Learn More
USB Flashdrive Voice Recorder D1400
Overview: This tiny USB flashdrive is also a voice recorder. This is the smallest and most ea.. Learn More
Spy Cobra PC Monitoring Software PC400
Overview: Perfect for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids’ computer activities, e.. Learn More
SleuthGear Digital Recorder D4000
Overview: The memory card slot sets this recorder apart from all other recorders! The SleuthG.. Learn More
 iTrail™ by SleuthGear H6000
Overview: A passive GPS logger, simply place the small iTrail™ unit wherever you like - you.. Learn More
SleuthGear™ Wireless Live Covert Tracker GPS600
Overview: Have instantaneous live covert tracking with our wireless SleuthGear Tracker GPS600.. Learn More
Wireless Camera Hunter DD9004
Overview: The DD9004 and DD9003 Wireless Camera Viewers both scan all commonly used frequenci.. Learn More
SleuthGear Defender Complete DD801
Overview: Before you hire the pros, try SleuthGear Defender DD801 for a more complete package.. Learn More
Recluse Black Box SC1073
Overview: Inside this ordinary black box is actually a motion activated camera with a recordi.. Learn More
Night Owl IR Clock Radio SC8000
Overview: Just because the lights go out doesn’t mean your camera can’t capture all the a.. Learn More
Xtreme Life DVR with Camera DVR1310
Overview: Up to one year of operation in standby mode on a single battery charge. It can reco.. Learn More

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Thanks for stopping into We are the web’s premier vendor of professional nanny cams and surveillance equipment. The surveillance equipment we sell are real video capture tools used by professionals but can also satisfy the curiosity of consumers. We sell hidden wireless spy cameras which capture high quality video and we also sell covert listening devices. Our video capture tools are called many different things such as nanny cams and home security cameras. We offer the highest video quality in professional consumer surveillance equipment available as well as video nanny cams for your home environment. Our customers seek the peace of mind that only these special electronic devices can give. If you have fears of being burgled or other concerns our spy gear gadgets can put you at ease. Our video capture store has an excellent reputation as a premier one stop shop in the realm of business and home protection. The video capture tools we sell are bought the world over by business professionals who care about protecting their valuables and want to do something about it. Our video capture products are also excellent for everyday consumers who wish to protect homes. It does not take an adroit knowledge in electronics to operate our surveillance tools. We offer products that can easily be mastered by just about everyone.

At we fill our store shelves with the newest video cameras with the best optics and resolution. It is our goal to bring top quality electronics to you at an affordable price. Our reliable video cameras can safeguard your home or business and not break your bank in the process. We also offer security cameras that can act as a strong theft deterrent. It’s well known in the spy gear industry that when criminals are aware they are being videotaped they will modify their behavior significantly. So, when you want someone in your home or office to act on their best behavior you should opt to install an openly visible security camera. But, if you want to view the behavior of how someone would act when not aware of being taped than our spy cameras are a way of gaining that knowledge. So, whether you want your home or office security system to act as a behavior deterrent or simply want to view how people act in their natural state, we have the proper surveillance systems to meet your needs.

The video surveillance equipment we sell have advanced optics which record in brilliant, full color and at a high resolution. These marvels of modern day technology are built to stand up to normal wear and tear and keep on performing at an optimal level. Our equipment is tested to be the best security cameras you can find at any price point. It's no wonder people turn to us for a quality video capture device at a fair price. We offer our customers excellent service and top rated products which serve to protect their families and businesses.


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