Spy Gear

Today's security cameras are far more sophisticated and durable than those developed years ago. They can record video into internal memory and later on the video can be extracted and played back onto computers. The world of business protection is one that requires cutting edge technology to record events on surveillance cameras. These video capture devices are built to be completely inconspicuous and look just like ordinary household items. It's amazing what technological breakthroughs have happened in just the last twenty five years to bring truly durable video capture devices to the marketplace with breathtaking resolutions.  Never in the history of protecting a home  or office have such devices been available and at such attractive prices. Of course these products are of a meticulously built nature. They are not found at common electronic shops or stores. They are unique items that serve the very specific purpose of protection.  Our advanced video capture products are useful for providing technical pathways to a better understanding of the truth. Surveillance cameras have been around for a number of years but never have been as good as they are today. The older days of ancient analog spy gear technology is gone forever and relegated to the ash bin of history. The older analog security camera devices have a place in a museum but not in your home or office. Today, one can record sound and video on random access memory digital video recorders and the old analog tape is completely left out of the equation. So, don’t rely on past technology when it comes to protecting the integrity of your present reality. Our newly built products are the kind that will serve you far better for more years to come.